About us

Who We Are

Wekebere is a social enterprise startup company in the global health space. We work to create affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions to combat maternal and infant mortality in the developing world. We believe that all communities deserve cutting edge health technology, especially in low-income countries where the strain on resources and challenges accessing quality healthcare puts vulnerable patients at risk.

What We Do

Our hand-held self-diagnostic device enables pregnant women to monitor the development of their unborn babies.

Our Story

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to reduce maternal mortality but also to reduce the number of infant deaths related to pregnancy.

Our Mission

To be the leading the leading producer of fetal monitoring devices in Africa at affordable prices, where quality and safety are a constant.

Our Vision

To contribute to a healthy community by integrating preventive and diagnostic service delivery in order to complete the health management system for vulnerable rural women and children.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the provision of quality health care services.
  • To strengthen the health care system.
  • To increase access to quality palliative care and cancer services for women.
  • To advocate for rural women and children health rights.

Our Experience

Fetal Monitoring 87%
Reproductive Health 85%
Service Support 93%
Community Impact 90%

Our team

Our Impact

Our Partners

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