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Wekebere has helped restore the trust and confidence of mothers on us whenever we engage, to an extent that now small children from the community help us find the pregnant women in slum areas whenever they see us come with the kit!

Daniel Byamukama
Medical Specialist

Wekebere device is a dream kit for me. This has help improve our health worker’s performance and reduced our efforts for data collection and management.

Richard Zulu
Lead, Outbox Hub

I’ve been working for pregnant women in my area since 1990. The rise in number of institutional deliveries and average birth weight after Wekebere device has been tremendous!

Arya Stark
Chief Executive Officer

My family and I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time even before she was born! Thank you Wekebere!

Daniel Waswa
Senior Doctor, Case Medicare

If it wasn’t for Wekebere, I would have never known I had low iron content in my blood and it can cause serious complications during delivery.

Tyrion Lannister
Medical Expert

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