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Wekebere at Applied machine Learning for Development Africa

Wekebere at Applied machine Learning for Development Africa

AMLD Africa is a three-day conference that consists of talks and workshops, focused on the applications of Machine Learning (hereon ML) and Artificial Intelligence (hereon AI), making it particularly interesting to industry, academia and public goods organizations. It is organized by the association Machine Learning for Africa (MLA), founded by African EPFL alumni and students, and which aims to unite Africa and Switzerland to answer Africa’s challenges.

AMLD’s core missions are to develop Machine Learning expertise within African communities, democratize ML technologies and their applications in Africa, and create a network of professionals between Africans around ML.

The conference features 50 top-level speakers from various backgrounds, such as IBM
engineer, research manager at Oracle, professor at Université de Montréal, director for
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry at the European Commission, data scientist, and many others.

The first two days, 6 AI & ML domain-specific tracks will feature talks from
experts and interesting panels. These tracks are: Environment, agriculture, healthcare, NLP (Natural Language Processing), education, and Advances of ML Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities. The last day is dedicated to workshops. You will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on experiences such as training sessions, coding classes, tutorials, experiments or hackathons.

Stephen Tashobya CEO wekebere company limited in his talk described how data driven approach helps to shed light on poorly understood links between physiological changes and pregnancy outcomes. He discussed opportunities arising from crowdsourcing clinical research, by providing consumers with clinical grade tools and data, and analyzing such data at a scale beyond what is possible in regular clinical studies. He used examples from Wekebere’s research on maternal health, fetal wellbeing and labor detection.

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