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pregnancy monitor


Monitoring of the unborn child is very important. With the Wekebere Fetal Monitoring System (WFMS), we have the possibility to monitor the fetal heart rate before and during delivery, while the pregnant woman remains mobile’, says Dr. Sam (Gynecologist ). The WFMS monitors the heart rate of the child and the woman based on electrophysiological…
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Wekebere at Applied machine Learning for Development Africa

AMLD Africa is a three-day conference that consists of talks and workshops, focused on the applications of Machine Learning (hereon ML) and Artificial Intelligence (hereon AI), making it particularly interesting to industry, academia and public goods organizations. It is organized by the association Machine Learning for Africa (MLA), founded by African EPFL alumni and students, and which…
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Wekebere Received AI experts from Japan to improve their AI model

Wekebere company received a team of experts from Japan at their Head office in kampala to work together to improve the AI products and digitising pregnancy.

Wekebere concludes clinical study at kawempe national referral Hospital

Wekebere wearable device for detecting pregnancy complications has been validated at the world’s busy maternal ward Kawempe National Referral Hospital in Uganda